The heart of optometry has historically been the prescribing and dispensing of corrective lenses and at Dyson and Long we take great pride in remaining at the forefront of spectacle lens technology. Lens design and manufacture have seen rapid advances over the past few years, with the majority of lenses we dispense now being unique custom designs ground on precision freeform surfacing machines.

This technology has allowed huge leaps in optical quality and design, and is routinely applied to everything from simple reading glasses through to high-curvature impact resistant multifocal sport lenses.

Materials, coatings and even tints have also advanced to keep pace with this evolving technology, allowing us to better design and manufacture the perfect lenses for everyone’s vision and lifestyle needs.

Ask your optometrist or one of our expert staff for advice on any of these products.

Multifocals (correctly known as Progressive Addition Lenses)
One of the greatest benefactors of modern freeform lens design/manufacture, multifocal lenses have advanced enormously over the last few years, evolving into a range of customisable designs able to satisfy even the most discerning wearer. Multifocals provide the wearer with clear vision over a large range of distances, and are designed to suit the particular needs of the individual. Specific emphasis may be placed on more important aspects of lifestyle, such as driving, computer use, or a demanding occupation. Lenses may also be produced with an almost unlimited choice of materials, tints and coatings, and fitted to all but the very smallest of frame styles.
Extended Focus Readers
Designed to address the challenges to vision posed by computer screen use, this class of lenses offers a far greater range of clear vision than traditional reading glasses. As well as performing well in this role, they can also offer many benefits in non-computer tasks, giving the wearer a much less restricted view and reducing the need for the dreaded “headmistress peer” over the top of readers. Like multifocals, these lenses can now be customised using freeform technology, to suit the users unique demands more precisely.
Photochromatic Tinting
Light-reactive tints have been available in spectacle lenses for decades, but are seeing renewed popularity with the development of better performing products and more choices in features. These tints are now available on the majority of lens types and materials, and come in a choice of colours from the traditional greys and brown to specialized tones including reds, yellows and blues. Darker and lighter shades are possible, and more advanced products offering polarization and in-car reactivity have recently become available.
Lenses for Rimless Frames
Rimless frames have seen a huge resurgence in recent years, which has posed challenges in developing lens materials which will resist cracking and chipping in such seemingly delicate spectacles. At Dyson and Long we dispense many such rimless spectacles, and only use premium quality lens materials designed to resist the stresses such frames present. Unlike the optically inferior polycarbonate lenses sometimes reccommended for these frames, we use a much tougher and optically superior material which results in longer-lasting and better performing lenses. Fitted to our exquisite Silhouette rimless frames from Austria, the result is a pair of incredibly light, surprisingly tough pair of spectacles which cannot be matched for comfort, style and performance.